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Our top-quality, professional mats create a solid first impression for your business.

The top 5 ways our mats keep you covered

  1. Step up the safety. Mats stop moisture at the door, provide for better traction on wet surfaces and reduce customer and employee slips and falls.
  2. Protect your investments. Quality mats prevent surface scratches, cuts down on moisture, help preserve your floors and reduce the effects of normal wear and tear
  3. Get a promotion. Custom logo mats offer a prime location to advertise and promote your business.
  4. Breathe easier. Entrance mats provide a first line of defense against contaminants and particles. Special mats help trap dirt and dust for a healthier, cleaner, “greener” environment.
  5. Save time and money. Mats reduce or eliminate expensive air duct cleanings and frequent filter replacements.


Renting mats from Village Services

  • Expert, knowledgable service
  • A large selection of top-quality, industrial-strength mats
  • We’ll do the dirty work at our professional offsite facility
  • Our highly-specialized equipment removes trapped dirt and dust
  • We’ll provide a replacement mat while cleaning yours
  • We’ll take stock of your other office needs, including restroom supplies and office cleaners, replacing and refilling any items you need
  • A personal account representative is ready to help – call on us whenever you need.

Logo Mats

Logo mats are an ideal way to project a positive corporate image while protecting interior surfaces. Choose from numerous color combinations, sizes, and styles. We guarantee the quality and durability of all of our mats, so you have years of trouble-free performance, customized to fit your company’s image.

Scraper Mats

The completely washable, all-rubber SuperScrape Mat stops the heaviest of dirt outside the door, before it enters the building. In addition to outside entrances, SuperScrape is ideal for:

  • Spillage Areas
  • Locker Rooms
  • Work Stations

And because the SuperScrape Mat is constructed of extra heavy rubber, it stays in place. The molded rubber tread pattern is slip resistant and provides anti-fatigue properties. The beveled edges also improve safety. SuperScrape is available in a 100% Nitrile Rubberversion (oil and grease resistant).

Coffee Mats

Great looking mats that really know their place. Coffee Mats protect floors and carpets from coffee, cream and sugar spills while providing a safer, cleaner environment. Long-lasting, Coffee Mats promote cleaner floors, reduce floor-care costs and help to prevent slip and fall accidents.

Safety Mats

Safety Mats capture 80% of the dust, dirt, and moisture tracked into buildings on customers’ and employees' shoes. These colorful and attractive mats provide employees with valuable reminders of the importance of safety. This increased awareness can lead to fewer accidents and reduced workers compensation claims.

These mats can be used in many areas including:

  • Entrances
  • Break Rooms
  • Hallways
  • Offices
  • Lobbies
  • Production Areas
  • Restrooms
  • Workstations


These mats are the primary defense against tracking in dirt and moisture.

Entrance mats should do four things:

  • Stop dirt and water at the door.
  • Store soil and water for removal.
  • Minimize the racking of soil and water into the facility.
  • Provide a safe surface that is slip resistant and is not a trip hazard.

How the Service Works

No investment! Our rental program provides a flexible weekly service designed to meet your needs. Mats are leased to you and replaced with a clean and sanitized mat on a weekly basis.

Saves You Time and Money!

Reduce cleaning costs and minimize safety hazards from wet floors.


Is your business looking for a way to help keep the restrooms clean? We have the perfect product for you – Restroom Service Mats!

Features & Benefits:

  • Anti-microbial treated – helps control odors
  • Heavy-duty rubber backing – keeps the mat in place
  • Raised surface keeps shoes dry
  • Easily cleaned and sanitized during commercial laundering
  • “Water-dam” border traps liquids
  • Fully launderable – the rubber backing makes these mats washer and dryer safe
  • Solution dyed fabric top provides superior color fastness and bleach resistance

Comfort Flow & Anti-Fatigue

Comfort Flow mats are 3 mats in 1! They work great as:

  • Anti-Fatigue mats
  • Slip-Resistant mats
  • Flow-Thru mats

And are ideal for:

  • Kitchens
  • Behind Bars
  • Walk-In Freezers
  • Food Processing Areas
  • Locations where liquid flow-through is required
  • Work Stations
  • Heavy Industrial Work Areas
  • Machine Shops

Anti-microbial Treated

The anti-microbial treatment guards against degradation from micro-organisms and minimizes mats being a source of odors.


Use around sensitive electronic equipment.

  • Slip-resistant surface reduces slip and fall accidents.
  • Beveled edges meet the standards set in the Americans with Disabilities Act.
  • Provides excellent anti-fatigue properties for added employee comfort and improved ergonomics, improving employee morale and productivity.
  • Fully launderable mat constructed of 100% Nitrile Rubber for superior grease and oil resistance.